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Shiner Color Sorter Machinery is a Japanese based company specialized in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer support of optical sorting machines widely used in food processing. We sort everything with product size range from tiny sesame seeds to walnuts such as: rice, wheat, cereals, seed, bean etc.

Parameter of Rice Color Sorter

Parameter of Grain Color Sorter


  • Separate heating and power supply system, could be switched on or not depend on different situation, which save power consumption for customer.
  • Using imported Japan SMC air intake filters, no worry about the filtering effect with high impurities, can protect the machine and extend its working life.
  • Using independent SMC Ejector made in Japan.
  • Imported high-end 2048 PIXELS CCD sensors.
  • Service life of ejectors in more than 14 billion times.
  • Patented design of TFT touch screen, high sensitivity with good stability.
  • Adopted with important Japan SMC solenoid valve, reduce carryover and save the energy.
  • Exclusive pressure monitoring system design, insufficient pressure will automatically and promptly cut of the supply automatically remind, and there is no need to worry about the machine unattended color sorter fails to affect the finished products fault to affect the finished products.
  • Board after high temperature aging, to ensure the stability of the circuit system. Once the circuit’s fails, the system automatically cut off the supply; when the fuse blows, automatically cut off the corresponding vibrator. Multiple security for the finished product warehouse, even with unattended color sorter.
  • Unique DC drive vibrator, much more safety and eco-friendly compared with AC driver.
  • Apply with intensive display of LED source, instant light up with high illumination, working more suitable, also have good heat dissipation and a long time.

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