Food Grain Machineries

We have long been recognized as the leader in Food Grain Machineries. We offer many types of measurement instruments that guide the rice from paddy to plate. These instruments include rice moisture analyzers including the Riceter, the world’s largest selling moisture analyzer for portable use as well as single kernel grain moisture analyzers, allowing the processor to categorize the distribution of moisture within the process.

We also offer rice quality measurement instruments to determine the percentage of broken, crushed, immature and other substandard rice grains. 

 The main products are rice processing equipment including: Kett Moisture meter, Agro moisture meter, Halogen Moisture meter, OGA digital moisture meter, raw grain cleaning machine, de-stone machine, paddy husker, paddy separating machine,  sorting machine cover full range of sorting spectrum from monochromatic, bi-chromatic, and full color RGB to infrared, rice polishing machine, Kett whiteness tester, Lab polisher, LTJM yield tester, Sample divider, All type of digital Weighing Scale, Digital Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo, Rice mill spare parts, single and three phase drives.

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Advance Lab Equipments For Rice Milling Industry

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