Grain Management System

Shiner Machinery is a top-notch, innovative, technology product company working in the computer vision domain. We solve real world problems, automate redundant tasks, provide intelligent analysis, mitigate the chances of human error, make your life better using image processing algorithms and techniques. We have a highly competent team of researchers and engineers working on the  technology in the agricultural, consumer and industrial automation sector.

GRAMS system is a revolutionary, state of the art grain analysis system specifically designed for the rice mill owners and rice exporters. The system is highly accurate in measuring length of rice particles, very easy to use, saves lot of time and mitigates chances of human error.


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* 99% accuracy of Whitneness Index.

* 99.9% accuracy of Length, Width, L/B ratio.

* Broken grain measurement by weight.

* Damaged / Discolored grain measurement by

* Customizable thresholds for different rice

* Different profiles saving for different varieties .

* Save records on xls for future references.

Key Features


* Whiteness Index

* Average Length

* Average Width

* L / B Ratio

* Average Red, Green, Blue grains

* Broken Grains

* Chalky Grains

* Yellow Grains, Green Grains, Red Grains

* Damaged Grains & Immature Grains

* Reliable, repeatable, scientific and faster method.

* Increase yield by online control of the milling

* Save lakhs of rupees by avoiding over milling and
  under milling.

* Keep quality under your control.

* Peace of mind, no loss of revenue, no scope of

* Bring latest technology to your factory.

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