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Our Products

Color Sorter

Shiner Color Sorter Machinery is a China based company specialized in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer support of optical sorting machines widely used in food processing. Our sorting machines cover full range of sorting spectrum from monochromatic, bi-chromatic, and full color RGB to infrared. We sort everything with product size range from tiny sesame seeds to walnuts. Such as: Rice, Wheat, Seed, Bean, Sea Food.

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Lab Equipments


We specializing in the design, production and supply of quality machines in the area of Grain/Seed Cleaning, Upgrading & Handling and also undertakes Turnkey Projects. Our extensive product line includes seed pre cleaner, seed grader, length grader, gravity separator, seed treater, destoner, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and related accessories such as additional screens, cyclone dust collector, dust canopy etc.

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Pre Engineered Buildings


The term PEB refers to those steel buildings structures, which are completed “on-site” i.e. on the construction sites by assembling together sections of the steel building components. These are easier, quicker, and almost 50% less expensive than conventional buildings. These can be fabricated as per the exact specifications. Now a days, steel structures are very popular. They are affordable and also flexible.

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